Introducing suzio

Spiritual awareness has always fascinated me, as have holistic medical practices and mediumship. After developing my interest through spiritual and reiki healing’, I embarked on a number of courses and training to become a fully qualified and certified  Reiki  practitioner, Violet Flame Practitioner, together with additional initial certifications in holistic practices such as Animal Reiki through the Reiki Federation and Alignment Modality level1 and 2 

I'm certificated in Divine Feminine Reiki  and The Pyramid Healing System

Having experienced some immense loss, I found that my healing and energy work enabled me to stay balanced, positive and as always tenacious in my goals.

I give gratitude to all my teachers along the journey - Thankyou

I’m happiest when I can help people develop and grow as well as learn and feel better, by blending my skills in holistic healing with those of coaching is an ideal way to support and enable change in individuals and their situations.

With many years of practice – and adding my experience in delivering meditations – I have the right resources to assist people in raising their energy to be more positive. I have a good understanding of how peoples’ lives can dramatically change when energies from within or around are in low vibration. To complement this, I’m trained in spiritual protection and clearance of dense energies.

Please keep bookmarked to share in my journey as I grow the site, bringing in the sharing of interesting subjects, people  and passion for life.

– Suzan Harmer