GDPR Policy

Privacy Notice

Your Personal Information and Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

From May 2018 new legal protection for personal information and data privacy was introduced. This informs you what personal data I hold and why , and your rights.

Once you have read this I ask you to complete and sign the declaration on your first visit to confirm you acknowledge and accept this requirement.

Business owners name and contact details/ Data Controller : Suzan Harmer

  • Suzan Harmer

  • www.suzio .co

  • Telephone

  • Email :

  • Address - supplied on booking

  • Payment information if paying by bank transfer

  • Records on each treatment

Why do I need to store personal data ?

To administer Healing modalities in line with the accredited supplier or membership body , I professionally require details of the Client to make contact, before, during and after treatment. I also need to be aware of any potentially sensitive information on your medical /health condition (to ensure treatment is safe and we have emergency contacts should they be required)

The lawful basis under which I hold this information is for my legitimate interests i.e. my requirement to retain the information in order to provide the best possible service /treatment options for you and to meet the conduct guidelines of my membership accreditation.

The information to be held is:

Your Contact Details : Name, Address, Email Address, Telephone contact number/s, bank will hold banking transaction details if bank transfer used to pay fee

Medical History and current Medical information that could be relevant whist providing Reiki (purpose of identifying any risk factors)

Treatment requirements, details before, and afterwards and associated notes

I will not share this information or identify you with these details with anyone else, (unless its required by law for legal processes), without first explaining why its necessary and getting your explicit consent.

Your paper data will not be shared outside the UK, Data obtained through google website forms is transferred through Google servers in USA.

Your data will be held securely, when you use the contact forms on this website, All information provided to me within the forms is used to prepare the healing session and give you the best experience I can. The detail are stored securely for my sole purpose, if you prefer to complete forms via email or over the phone , this can be arranged. All paper notes are securely filed.

Your Rights - UK Information Commissioners Office (ICO) on individuals rights under the General Data Protection Regulation

In summary, I am required to correct any errors in your record you inform me of, to understand how I will use your information , access to your information when requested.