Meditation - 2022

The stress of everyday life can cause a strain on your emotions and physical wellness, whether you're in a high-pressure office job or working a demanding role within the community, it can throw you off balance.

Simple meditations and grounding can help you maintain your balance and stay in control ensuring everything goes to plan, from staying on top of appointments to preventing a host of work worries. You'll be amazed at how your own meditation before a busy working day can help others who are not in such a good frame of mind, too.

No matter what role you play, whatever age you are, meditation is a valuable tool for everyone and one that can be adapted to best you you and your needs. If a small group are working on a common goal or challenge we can use meditation to create outcomes.

I will talk you through a mediation on a 1:1 or small group basis (<4) . 1:1 meditation includes an introduction, goal discussion, meditation and closure with Q&A session . Charges will be released when this practice launches.

For group meditation requests, get in touch at or ask a question on my Contact page – let me know your requirements and we can discuss a plan according to group size and content. (subject to government rules prevailing).

Wellbeing within your environment

So, you've kept up with your meditation and reiki and you feel great – you're in control, balanced and at peace. Then out of the blue you feel as though things are going wrong or that the energy just, does not feel so comforting. In a family situation tensions exist, with everyday life and demands on time.

House energy is very important. Whenever I visit the houses of my teachers I immediately sense calm, peace and a feeling of safety. This is because the routine of cleansing the house is as important as the treatment itself.

Negative energy is a disruption and so cleansing the house with reiki and violet flame energy is ideal. This can be complemented with incense, smudge sticks, crystals and organic essences, also use reiki symbols and tuning forks.

The clearing is especially good after parties, large gathering, or times of stressful situations within the house. If appliances keep breaking, or something just does not feel right.

Learn how to do this within a 1-1 session. To discuss requirements, and discuss my suitability please get in touch at or ask a question on my Contact page.

Covid - 19 note

Covid cleansing and general good practice is being observed.