Reiki treatments

These wonderful treatments can help your soul grow and develop. They are ideal for anyone in a stressful job needing timeout for pure relaxation and insight. As well as being able to provide healing or balance of the heart and soul, reiki treatments can, in some people, relieve aches and pains as well as emotional and mental health symptoms. The practice can also make dealing with long term illness more manageable.

Feedback from clients has varied, with some citing blissfully warm feelings of calmness and ultimate relaxation; others gifted with the sleep they have desperately needed; some having the feeling of reduced or negated pain and some recognising a better outlook on life.

Reiki is non-invasive and perfectly safe for everyone – adults, children and animals, too – and can be provided directly or remotely. Reiki is not a substitute for any medical treatment required from a conventional doctor or medical expert – it goes alongside conventional medicine.

Reiki is an unseen energy flow that passes through our universe. It is delivered through the practitioner placing their hands over or on the recipient while adhering to the client's preferences.

Reiki is known to promote deep relaxation as well as relieve anxiety, pain and reduce recovery time from injuries or operations. It can also energise and balance the whole body and mind. Receiving reiki can result in varying experiences, which are often individual to the recipient, and can create profound releases of emotion and also bring up messages of clarity.

Please note: reiki should not be given to pregnant ladies without a doctor's authority.

Useful resources and further reading

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Violet Flame Treatments

This incredibly powerful treatment is given in a chair or lying down, with the practitioner placing their hands on the shoulders of the client after calling in the Violet Flame healing energy and working with the seven-pointed star with the aid of divine presences.

This is a very powerful healing and clearing practice that is guided by spirit and for one's highest good, using light, positive energy and the violet rescue flames. There are many rescue flames used during a treatments, which are spiritually guided. I can give both treatments if needed in the same appointment.

Look out for training sessions – 1:1 and small group – to be posted in the future.

Tuning Forks

These are sound instruments used also for healing and each are attuned to the reiki symbols, healing and removing low energy vibration and blockages within the energy.

If you would like to have tuning forks used within a treatment session, please ask for more details.


Healing services

    1. Initial Taster session - Intro and 30 mins healing | £10.00

    2. Reiki short session - 30 mins ( including intro and close) | £25.00

    3. Reiki full session - 60 minutes (including intro and close discussion) | £50.00

    4. To add Tuning Forks into the healing | £5.00

    5. Violet Flame and Reiki Healing - 60 minutes | £60.00

    6. Distance Reiki or Violet Flame healing - 45 minutes | £30.00

    7. 10% discount for bookings of 4 session ( discount reduction applied to the last session)

Key workers 20% reduction