Testimonials and praise

Compassionate and caring

"Sue is a deeply compassionate and caring Reiki practitioner. She creates a fantastically calm and restful experience. Each session is thorough and left me feeling calm and relaxed. She also picked up on ailments I’d almost put to the back of my mind and the focused treatment brought relief. I would absolutely recommend her, especially if you’re new to Reiki as she will put your mind - and body - at rest."

– Sarah

Extremely relaxing and calming

"I sought out reiki whilst looking for an alternative to reduce anxiety and depression. The reiki sessions are extremely relaxing and the severity and duration of my anxious episodes has reduced dramatically. Sue is extremely kind and calm in her mannerism, which also made me feel very relaxed when talking about my issues. I would recommend Sue and reiki treatment for anyone who wants to achieve a feeling of calm."

– Ella Martin

Transformed from a stressed wreck

"Always peaceful and relaxing. Always a treat – although often a necessary one. For stress relief, either the everyday stresses of work, home, relationships or something much more, Sue works wonders. Through Reiki I have been transformed from a stressed wreck to being able to calmly cope with anything that life throws at me. I would happily recommend Sue to anybody."

– Tina Measures

Discovery of emotions of past trauma

"I recently had my first Reiki session with Sue and wow I cannot recommend it enough. She got rid of something in me that I had been subconsciously holding onto since a child. She knew nothing about this as I didn't even know it bothered me that much. She saw an image in her head of a snake and it was at the same point where she had her hands that she saw the image and correlated with a past trauma. I feel a weight lifted and I feel lighter. Honestly I discovered emotions I could not explain."